Scrabbling about road side.

In England it is Bank Holiday / Easter Monday, the 22nd April, this is a public holiday. Although the weather is nice an sunny on the south east coast of England it is very hazy. Previously I had seen a large patch of neglected scrub-land on the side of the road leading up to the South Downs. It is full of brambles, stinging nettles and flowers. On closer inspection it seemed to give some photographic potential with a macro lens. They are all hand held shots. Olympus EM1X and 60mm macro lens.

Olympus 60mm macro lens
Olympus 60mm macro lens
In camera photo stacking. Olympus & 60mm macro lens. To do this you must have a perfectly still subject and photographer. Its rather difficult to do stacking with things that keep buzzing about.
Olympus 60mm macro lens.
Spot metered / stacked / heavy vignette applied in post to hide the background.