Underground sign

One of the iconic symbols of London enticing you or not, to enter the labyrinth.
Hyde Park Corner Tube Station.
Nikon Z6 & 50mm f1.8. Taken in the early hours before the city wakes up.

6 thoughts on “Underground sign

    1. Nothing wrong with being in the company of hundreds of others crammed in
      hot and sweaty. I must try the Tokyo underground one day, just for a laugh.
      At rush hour!

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      1. Thanks for the link, I like his style, black blacks and white whites! Excellent stiry telling too. Have you seen any of David Duchemins work? He’s a great photographer (so many of them!) and teaches too, I’m doing his Making The Image course which really makes you dig deep for your photographs.


      2. Yes, I have come across his work and I am familiar with his writing style.
        Re:digging deeper into your photos. I think once you move on from just taking a nicely composed & exposed image you head off into the realm of photo art, this is a much more subjective & interpretive area and quite frankly a much tougher nut to crack.
        I was thinking about where most of my inspiration comes from. Bailey, Donovan, McCullim and the like. But more recently the LFI website has provided a good source of food for interpretive thought. https://lfi-online.de/ceemes/en/gallery/

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