4 Photos on en route to the post office early morning 24th August

I had a package to collet from the post office, as the light this morning was very favourable I popped the Nikon Z6 in my bag and off I trotted. Savouring the stillness of the early morning light.

There is a slightly mad secondhand book shop filled to the rafters.
These ones are outside 50p each, put the money through the letter box.
Fresh green paint work on the outside of a church.
Eastbourne Town Hall.
I don’t know this property’s name but I call it the Blue House.
It has recently been refurbished and is looking quite splendid.
I like the smoothness of the rendered blue areas compared to the inlaid stones.

5 thoughts on “4 Photos on en route to the post office early morning 24th August

  1. It’s good to know that people can still be trusted to put the money for the books through the letter box. Or can they? 🙂
    I remember green paint like that on the metalwork around my first school.
    And now I want to live in ‘The Blue House’! 🙂
    Lovely light, and very sharp too.
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. Hi, well lets presume that folk are still nice and that they put the 50p in the slot.
      Funny how a certian thing can trigger a thought, on reading your comment I was thrust back to my secondary school in Camden and I can even recall the terrible smell of 1,500 boys all in one building.
      The Blue House is charming.

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    1. I should ask permission one day to take some photos inside.
      Having bee in there several times the books are really piled from the floor to the ceiling
      it’s like a warren of books.

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