Sunrise over the English channel

I’m generally an early bird, staggering into the kitchen to make a cuppa this morning (Saturday 7th Sept) a quick glance out of the window….I was faced with a difficult decision – tea or photo ? – I threw some clothes on and grabbed the Z6. The morning air was fresh, subtle hues of the early morning light contrast with the almost razor sharp black line of the horizon fed the photo addiction for another week.

As the light is filtered through the layers of clouds, momentarily odd hues appear and then just like magic they are gone.

10 thoughts on “Sunrise

    1. Many thanks.
      I had a head full of ideas about what i was going to shoot this week.
      None came to fruition for one reason or another, then something pop’s up and there you go.
      Back to work on Monday.
      Have a good week.

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