#5 February

Three black and white street shots from the West End of London.
Actually I had no intention of doing anything like this, initially I went down to the Thames to try and photograph the city skyline but the weather was dimal. On the way back home with the light, wind and drizzle in my face I thought there are some nice shadowy wet reflections coming off the pavements. Engage brain (not often) camera to zone focus, off we go.

Piccadilly towards Green Park tube station
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus

6 thoughts on “#5 February

    1. The first one is the strongest image. To be honest I was looking at the juxtaposition of the foot rise and the younger man in the distance. Interesting how people interpret a scene.

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    1. Hi, all the images on my site are digital. Mostly taken with Olympus cameras and tweaked in Adobe Camera Raw. In the main I shoot jpegs but occasionally you need the raw file to squeeze out the dynamic range.
      Cheers AK.


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