#1 March

As were supposed to be filled with the joys of spring and looking forward to more daylight and better weather with more opportunity to get out and about we have the covid-19 issue to contend with. Here is a small contribution to what’s happening in my micro garden.

Photo stacked image using the Olympus EM1X & 60mm macro lens.

12 thoughts on “#1 March

    1. Well, in the UK the authorities are recommending we try to curtail our activities. In the London area it’s getting a quite serious. In Eastbourne the population density is lower and one can keep a sensible distance from the next person. Some sunshine and spring flowers lighten the mood. Looks like you had an interesting time in Iceland.

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      1. If you can enjoy the experience. I have just seen on the Guardian newspaper website that the governor of California has issued a stay at home order. Anyway I look forward to more of your posts.
        From a slightly selfish point of view I was supposed to be in SFO in mid June, no doubt it will probably be cancelled. 🙁

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      2. We can go for walks. We just can’t get within 6 feet of others. I went to the grocery store this morning. Everyone was extremely courteous and doing their best to remain 6 feet apart.


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