#2 May

Three images posted for interest sake.
Giving you a slightly different view of London and the river Thames.

On the left side of the image are the tall chimneys of the Stag Brewery. Soon to be demolished and replaced by housing estate, to the right (first white building) is the Ship public house (18th century) and some large river fronted Victorian houses.
I’m on the north bank of the Thames near Chiswick Bridge and looking towards the Mortlake side.
Distant shot of Chiswick Trust Pier. Still on the north side of the Thames.
If you carried on walking along the path you would come to Chiswick Mall and then Upper Mall finally reaching Hammersmith Bridge. Mall in this sense does not relate to shopping but a set of very desirable 17th/18th century residential properties that look at the river.
As above but a bit closer. Chiswick Trust Pier, residential house boats sitting on the mud at low tide.
Where the tall tree is on the right – is an island called Chiswick Eyot, it is a nature reserve.

I hope that was of some interest, it made a change from the usual Westminster river Thames shots.
All images taken on Friday 8th May.

4 thoughts on “#2 May

    1. Well with the current COVID climate I guess many pubs will go out of business. As for a housing development on the brewery site no doubt the developers will cram in as many as possible with little or no landscaping….best not get me started on that one.

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