#3 June, Arundel countryside walk

I went for walk in the southern English countryside today (Tuesday the 16th June) in the quaint town of Arundel, which is located in West Sussex. The small town boasts a splendid castle and a couple of churches. Unfortunately none of them were open due to the covid-19 restrictions put in place by the government.

The collection of images below are from a circular countryside walk. It starts off at the base of the castle and follows the River Arun from there onto the Black Rabbit public house (all boarded due to covid) and onto South Stoke hamlet where there are some excellent examples of English countryside properties. Continue through dense woodland and a quick left turn into Arundel Park, you go up hill and down dale (up and down / rolling landscape) until you come upon the Hiorne Tower, following the route back into town.

Arundel Castle from Mill Road


St Leonard’s Church 11th century.

St Leonard’s Church 11th century.

Rolling farmland


As you exit the woodland, climb up the hill you are rewarded with splendid views.

Hiorne Tower, 17th century.
Walking away from the tower.

En route there are some waymarks to help navigate.
The small white disc says – The Monarchs Way –

Left or right ?

As the walk ends you enter the back of town….Fancy a pint ?….Nope all shut up due to covid.
Arundel Cathedral in the background.

Inside St Nicholas Church 14th century.

St Nicholas Church 14th century.

Town centre.

Town centre. The Tea and Biscuit Club shop.

Town centre.

Town centre.

I hope you found it interesting. All images taken with the Fuji X-Pro 3 camera / 23mm / 50mm lenses.

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