As Londoner who has had the privilege of living in a few countries. I try to embrace the people and cultures I have come across. Quite often this challenges your own perspective of life, your ideals, your values and perceived stereotypes. Like most people I like to travel and experience new places, photograph those locations from my personal perspective and try to create a cohesive body of work that reflects that experience with the limited time available. To be a tourist is easy, a traveler and a photographer is something else, one minute your immersed in an experience and then you pull yourself away to become an objective observer recording the life around you.

My photos are, my interpretation of the situation presented. I do a mixture of colour, black and white, arty and abstraction. Take photographs for your own pleasure and enjoyment, develop your style, if you yield to a trend, then it can become a poison chalice constantly chasing what is currently in vogue. Do you need some inspiration ? Then look no further than the Leica LFI website, there is a link at the bottom of this page.

On the front page is a static image, by using the menu structure you will be able to access the other areas of this website. I have a blog style entry containing a single or a few photos along with information (when relevant) about that photograph. I aim to produce one blog post per month, and at the end of the year I delete the old entries and start again, to keep it fresh and interesting.
The structure will be something like this
January #1, February #1….etc. If I add another entry for that month then it will be marked up as..Month #2.

Camera equipment I use:
Each camera or lens combination gives a slightly different image signature, they all have characteristics that either make you smile or leave you with a sense of frustration. Currently I’m using a Nikon Z6, Nikon D700, Olympus OMD EM1 X, Olympus Pen F and the Fuji XE2s. I tend to use them as the mood takes me. I don’t think that one camera is better than the other, they just do it in a different way. Of course you could argue that x amount of megapixels on a given sensor size is better. I think this is an over argued and laboured point bordering on boring.

When you see a great image people tend not to ask, what camera or lens combination that was taken on. Think about the last time looked at a Turner or any other masterpiece, did you think hmm I wonder ? What oils, what brush, what canvas, was it the golden hour etc ? I doubt it.

Ultimately the camera or device used for image capture does not really matter (as long as you are happy with it), it is the content that “you” create, that is of primary importance and interest.

More words here on my camera collection.

All the images on this site have been reduced in size and are low resolution. All rights reserved no unauthorised reproduction or copying. If you would like to use an image, please use the contact form.
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