This is the section where one needs to market oneself as an Olympian muscular god who possesses the artistic attributes of the world’s most famous artists. Or I could just be a skinny middle aged bloke from London who takes photos for recreational purposes. You will have to decide.

As Londoner who has had the privilege of living in a few countries. I try to embrace the people and cultures I have come across. Quite often this challenges your own perspective of life, your ideals, your values and perceived stereotypes. Like most people I like to travel and experience new places, photograph those locations from my perspective and try to create a cohesive body of work that reflects that experience with the limited time available. To be a tourist is easy, a traveler and a photographer is something else, one minute your immersed in an experience and then you pull yourself away to become an objective observer recording the life around you.

My photos are, my interpretation of the situation presented. I do a mixture of colour, black and white, arty and abstraction or whatever the mood takes me . Take photographs for your own pleasure and enjoyment, develop your style, if you yield to a trend, then it can become a poison chalice constantly chasing what is currently in vogue.

All the images on this site have been reduced in size and are low resolution. All rights reserved no unauthorised reproduction or copying. If you would like to use an image, please use the contact form.

This website has been deliberately made to be as simple as possible, you won’t find ethereal words to describe a particular photo. I take the stand point of either liking something or not.

© Antony Kyriacou