Saturday 3rd October

It’s been awhile since I Blogged anything…To be honest I have not been in the mood. Instead I’ve been working on other photo projects. One of the ideas I have had brewing for sometime (inspired by AMAGA Photography Blog) is intentional Camera Movement. You can see my efforts on this site by visiting page #13 on this website.

I have also and can highly recommend photography reading for the coming winter nights.
It will change your perspective towards your photography.
Zen Camera by David Ulrich ISBN 978-0-399-58033-8.

The four images that follow were taken with the Fuji X Pro3 and the 16/80mm f 4 zoom lens all within 10 minutes of each other.

Salt n pepper set in a coffee shop, shot through the window.

The colourful exterior of the Towener art gallery.

Newly refurbished Congress Centre.

Need I say anymore.
I’m sure many business would like to extend the sentiment to their customers.