South Downs Wild Flower

Out for a stroll on the Eastbourne end of the South Downs, there were hundreds of these wild flowers in bloom. It all looked rather enchanting, large swathes of blue mixed in with the green grass. This is a photo stacked image set against a black background with some window light coming from the right hand side. A polariser helped to create a more saturated look. Olympus OMD EM1X & 60mm macro lens.

Early morning light on the sea

Drinking coffee and looking out of the kitchen window this morning (Saturday 8th June), watching the light patterns float tentatively across the English Chanel I thought, there is some potential for an ethereal photograph.

Bodiam Castle

Looking at the northern entrance of this moated 14th century castle. Nikon Z6 & 35mm f1.8.
The southeastern aspect. Nikon Z6 & 35mm f1.8.
The Castle Inn public house opposite Bodiam Castles entrance.
Olympus OMD EM1X & 12/100 f4 lens @ 12mm (24mm on old money).

Illuminated corner

Illuminated corner, Tate Modern, London. Nikon Z6 & 35mm lens.

This is not some obscure abstract art object placed in a particular position it is the actual fabric of a very small section of the building that I found much more interesting than the actual art work its self. The though that came to me was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey film. The large black monolith that randomly appears in the film.
What would happen if you stepped into the dark void?

Beached fishing boats

Beached fishing boats in Hastings.

On the way back from Rye (see below) I had a quick stop in Hastings.
These fishing boats have been dragged up the steep stony beach after a mornings fishing session in the English Chanel.

Old Boat on the river

Old boat on the River Thames at Richmond,London.

I was not entirely sure that I would get any photos this week. The weather was wonderful mid week but that’s when I was working. So along comes my weekend off and its nothing but heavy grey skies for as far as the eye can see. This Sunday (19th May) a little old raggedy vessel caught my attention as we were walking along the River Thames near Richmond, London.
As Mr T Overgaard says, always carry a camera. You never know.