In 2013 I visited Thailand, as Bangkok is the main gateway to this Asian country I spent a few days rooting around and discovering this very different (compared to Europe/USA) city. I cant say its my favorite place to visit but it certainly is a culture shock if you have never been to a place like this before.

A typical street scene shops on one side and street vendors on the other with pedestrians packed into the small space in between.

This is the view as a passenger when your sitting in the back of a Tuk Tuk.
The noise and all the pollution is quite intense experience. I used a lot of these nippy little machines to zoom around the city. It’s actually quite fun.

Venturing off piste to see what the locals get up to, and what life is like in the back streets. Here is a typical scene. Organised chaos is a good description of Bangkok.

Eating in a backstreet restaurant.

Back street market area Vendors left and right selling all kinds of produce and home-wares.
Bangkok train station platform.
An officers watching the disembarking passengers.
Looking down on one, of the multitude of street vendors that sit next to the side of the road.
In the city there are lots of elevated pedestrian walkways. That have the train running above pedestrians below and then the road traffic below that.