Rye, East Sussex

26 images of Rye taken in an hour. I parked at 07:21 and returned at 08:24
Whenever you visit one of these sweet and savoury locations they are often over crowded with tourists and cars, to avoid this I set of really early and tried to get as many shots as possible before the town woke up and became a hive of activity.

Our streets are littered with modern cars, when trying to photograph these types of locations quite often I find it disappointing as these very modern objects get in the way.

In Rye fortunately for me on this day (29th May 2019) cars were only parking on one side of the street and that side was in shadow of the early morning sun. All were photos were taken with the Olympus OMD EM1X and 12/100 f4 lens.

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Wikipedia entry link if you want some historical background information.