#7 April

Out getting some groceries today buying some of life’s essentials, I took to thinking there must be something here that’s good for a macro shot or two in the fruit and vegetables section. A small punnet of mushrooms came into view. Here are four photos of those mushrooms. All were taken with the Olympus EM1X, 60mm macro lens, tripod and a remote release cable. Each photo is a composite of 15 merged images that give a greater depth of field. I guess this is a kind of photo recycling session, buy the food photograph it and then eat it.

#6 April

I thought I would do some abstractaction, it’s probably a result of watching to much science fiction. I know not everyone likes this sort of “interpret it yourself” kind of imagery.
Once in a while one should experiment.

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#5 April

It’s funny how some months yield plenty of photographic opportunities and others not that much. Below are a few images taken late in the evening with the Fuji XE2s and the 35mm (50mm) lens given that this was a cheap secondhand hand purchase the sensor really does shine in the right conditions.

Christ Church on Turnham Green. I could not resist the late evening glow of light on the front of the building.
Brand new modern development in Gunnersbury west London.
Railway bridge spanning the river Thames near to Kew.
Abstract reflections in a closed cafe.

#3 April

Spring in London is finally making an entrance. Fresh acidic green shoots and leaves are appearing, the sky is blue and the air is crisp. I popped my Nikon D700 into my bag this morning with the intention of taking a quick photo of Christ Church on Turnham Green en route to Sainsburys for some groceries.

Christ Church, Turnham Green London.

#2 April

A Good Friday early morning photo. This is a handheld 15 image photo stack of a Clematis bud.
Olympus EM1X with 60mm macro lens & spot metering.

#1 April

For those of you on lockdown / restricted movement. Here are three photos of London taken in the wee hours on the 4th April on my way home from work.

Prince Albert memorial in Hyde Park London. Taken in the early hours of the morning as the sun was rising.
The facade is illuminated by the lighting directed at the memorial.
The orange glow of the sun rising in the east of London backlighting the leafless trees in Hyde Park London.
Early morning view of the River Thames taken from Lambeth Bridge. In the distance is Westminster Bridge and the Millennium Wheel. Obviously I took some liberty with the post processing to create this image (it makes a change from doing straight photos).

#4 March

Last week a wave of nostalgia came over me as I was searching the internet for photographic ideas and equipment . A long time ago I owned the Nikon D3s camera, I have always regretted selling / traded it in, to buy the Nikon D810. The D810 and I didn’t get on very well. Anyway I found a Nikon D700 with a very low actuation count in great condition. With the power of a credit card the camera was now mine all I had to do was find a lens. Low and behold my local camera shop had a mint condition Nikon 24/85mm f3.5 to f4.5 zoom lens that was going for a reasonable amount. Sold !…..Now I have some old / new kit and one is wanting to try it out.

As your all well aware the covid-19 issue is keeping people at home to work I’m not able to work from home so I still commute across London on my bike. Naturally things are quite a lot quieter than normal. The weather yesterday the 26th March was sublime. Cold but great light. D700 has to come out for a test run, I pop it into my rucksack and set of for work late in the afternoon.

Three images of London in late March for your pleasure. What do I think of the “Oldie but Goodie” camera ? Its great ! I love looking through an optical viewfinder again. The D700 files are really very good, you need to process the RAW’s to get the most out of them. But as they are not huge my MacBook Pro easily crunches the data.

The Milestone Hotel in Kensington High Street.
Wellington Arch on Hyde Park Corner.
Victoria Tower, the Palace of Westminster. This is the southern aspect of the building at the northern end is the Big Ben clock tower that most people will be familiar with.

#3 March

25th March, the weather in central London is wonderful. But due to the covid-19 issue most people can’t get out to enjoy it fully as the British government have place strict rules on people and their outdoor activities. In my bedroom we have shutters instead of curtains. Due to the really bright light outside when they are in the closed position the rays of light seem to act as semi focused beams of light, these beams strike the ceiling light creating very ethereal patterns on the wall. It was all very fleeting within a few minutes they had all gone.

Abstract Light Patterns.
Olympus Pen F &17mm f1.8 lens
Abstract Light Patterns.
Olympus Pen F &17mm f1.8 lens
Abstract Light Patterns.
Olympus Pen F &17mm f1.8 lens