Saturday Snapshot of London

The photos presented here are not meant to be a wonderful work of art, more matter of fact presentation. We were heading into Londons Piccadilly area to see a contemporary tap dancing show (think Michel Flatley with a twist) which on reflection was quite good.

All journeys start with some from of transport. We started out in West London this part of the underground system is obviously not underground. Two tubes and a quick change, we would reach our destination Hyde Park Corner.
From Hyde Park Corner tube station there is easy access to Green Park, a 40 acre lump of green space between Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly. Lady feeding some of the millions of pigeons that live in the city.
As you exit the park on the north side there is a tourist kiosk and the inevitable throng of people milling about wonder which way to turn (left / right or should I buy something ?) Next to the kiosk is a red phone box, mainly used these days as a basic public convenience with out running water, this one had blacked out windows with some impromptu advertisements. This is Mayfair after all, so one has to be discreet.
Beak St, from here you can access Carnaby St and all the other little trendy spots crammed in to this very vibrant area.
St Anns Ct. The chicken wire has been place by the occupants to prevent people throwing rubbish into the sub basement area. Looks like it’s still being used as a recycling centre.
Red lanterns in China Town. This is Wardour Street, Gerrard St is on the next right.
Four empty chairs and art deco lighting. Inside the Piccadilly Theatre.

All images taken on Saturday the 14th September.


Sunrise over the English channel

I’m generally an early bird, staggering into the kitchen to make a cuppa this morning (Saturday 7th Sept) a quick glance out of the window….I was faced with a difficult decision – tea or photo ? – I threw some clothes on and grabbed the Z6. The morning air was fresh, subtle hues of the early morning light contrast with the almost razor sharp black line of the horizon fed the photo addiction for another week.

As the light is filtered through the layers of clouds, momentarily odd hues appear and then just like magic they are gone.

Shadow self portrait


I don’t normally explain the background to my photos as some of it rather obvious and to be honest if you have to explain everything then the image has not conveyed its message to the viewer.
Getting ready to knock off some ironing in the spare bedroom this morning. The light from the window was casting the white rectangle behind me, so I started to play.

Going to sleep

29th August London, for some the autumn period has begun.

Recently I have been listening to some Max Richter music in particular “Sleep” the Path 5 (delta) track is a quite an enchanting.
Coming back from a quick shopping trip, as I approached our flat I could see next doors vine like plant leaves starting to decay. This got me thinking it’s the 29th of August and autumn is around the corner, for some the process has already begun. The three fellows above have done their duty.
Link to the Max Richter track on YouTube.

Flower power

Olympus OMD EM1X and 12/100 f 4 lens.
Olympus OMD EM1X and 12/100 f4.
Handheld photo stacked image.

As you can see from the above images there is a significant difference in the amount of fall off / area in focus. This is one of the amazing attributes of the EM1X camera. In part it’s down to the incredible image stabilisation built into the camera and the 12/100 f4 lens, plus the focus bracketing / stacking capabilities of the camera. Personally I like both one is soft and slightly dreamy the other is more matter of fact.

4 Photos on en route to the post office early morning 24th August

I had a package to collet from the post office, as the light this morning was very favourable I popped the Nikon Z6 in my bag and off I trotted. Savouring the stillness of the early morning light.

There is a slightly mad secondhand book shop filled to the rafters.
These ones are outside 50p each, put the money through the letter box.
Fresh green paint work on the outside of a church.
Eastbourne Town Hall.
I don’t know this property‚Äôs name but I call it the Blue House.
It has recently been refurbished and is looking quite splendid.
I like the smoothness of the rendered blue areas compared to the inlaid stones.

Underground sign

One of the iconic symbols of London enticing you or not, to enter the labyrinth.
Hyde Park Corner Tube Station.
Nikon Z6 & 50mm f1.8. Taken in the early hours before the city wakes up.