Underground sign

One of the iconic symbols of London enticing you or not, to enter the labyrinth.
Hyde Park Corner Tube Station.
Nikon Z6 & 50mm f1.8. Taken in the early hours before the city wakes up.

A couple of shots of the coast

Walking on the sea front this morning after dropping the car off for some repairs. I took these two photos.

Sunlight striking these new beach huts with moody clouds above.
As I looked out to sea after taking the above photo.
On the horizon, you can see the elements at play. Sun on the left and rain on the right.
That sums up the weather in August in England -Variable –

Four images from London

I went to the Tate Modern art gallery in London on Monday the 5th of August. On the way to see the exhibition I took these photos.

All Blue.
A collection of small tables and chairs outside a closed restaurant on the South Bank.
Mobile phone and hamstring stretch.
Sitting and waiting ?
Near to the art gallery is a collection of new and modern building designs.

Abstract light

Light patterns falling onto the floor and kissing the ceiling.
Nikon Z6 & 35mm f1.8 s z lens.

“More abstract Tone”. These are the words spoken by my abstract artist friend, hey I’m working on it. Eight vertical blocks of light entering the underground garage.