Abstract light

Light patterns falling onto the floor and kissing the ceiling.
Nikon Z6 & 35mm f1.8 s z lens.

“More abstract Tone”. These are the words spoken by my abstract artist friend, hey I’m working on it. Eight vertical blocks of light entering the underground garage.

Abstract thinking

The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne has been painted in a colourful geometric pattern by German artist Lothar Gotz. Called “Dance Diagonal” it is an interesting use of pattern & colour.

Towner Gallery
A section of the colourful geometric pattern.
Although I’m looking directly up at the gallery wall,
it feels flat and the dark spaces appear to be voids.
Looking straight up where the colours all meet.
Contrasting with the vivid blue sky.
An everyday English road sign, that makes a reference to the parking restrictions for that location. What took my eye was the crucifix shadow created behind it.

If your interested in his work here is a link to the Contemporary Art Society

Saturday 22nd June

I went out quite early this morning as the light in West London was looking rather good. I had every intention of photographing the local underground station. But for love nor money could I make it work, principally I was getting quite annoyed with the amount of street furniture getting in the way of my photo (bins, bikes, signage posts and the occasional motor vehicle navigating the junction). On the way back whilst walking under a railway bridge I came across some harsh high contrast light. Hmm interesting. Then around the corner was a very nice display of garden roses. Two unexpected photos this week.

High contrast lighting under the railway bridge.
Handheld photo stacked image of a rose. Olympus OMD EM1X & 12/100mm f4 lens.

Friday 14th June, photo stacking session

Macro stacked image of a succulent plant in my garden.

A couple of photo stacked images taken with the Olympus OMD EM1X and the 60mm macro lens. The top one is “Untitled” I will leave it for you to decide. Actually it is an extreme close up of a spiky cactus leaf that has just unfurled.

New leaves on a Hydrangea

Acidic green leaves on a Hydrangea plant. Photo stacked image, Olympus OMD EM1X & 60mm lens with a polariser.